With summer upon us, the staff and volunteers at Frontier Homestead are ready for another full year of activities and programs.  Work continues on the Homestead development.  Last year the park celebreated its 40th anniversary, and dedicated the Legacy Exhibit featuring icons of Iron County. Also in development is a pioneer games area, enhancement of the mining area, construction of a working summer kitchen, and the creation of a mock archaeological excavation where students and families will be able to make their own discoveries. We appreciate the support of Cedar City RAP Tax, the Cedar City/Brian Head Tourism Bureau, the Utah Office of Museum Services, the Ted Nelson family, and the numerous Eagle Scouts and private individuals who have contributed to our efforts.

With more infrastructures in place, we will be able to offer more programs to our patrons, and area schools.  In addition to our monthly Children’s Story Time, the Park will offer numberous family events throughout the year.  All of this on top of our annual Cedar City birthday celebration in November, and our ever popular Christmas at the Homestead during December. Park Staff are striving to make Frontier Homestead your community center, or town hall if you will, where you can reconnect, relax, and enjoy yesteryear.

We appreciate your support, and hope you will consider renewing your Friend’s membership again in 2014.

If you would like more information about the Park and its programs, please visit us on the web at www.frontierhomestead.org.  Of course, you can always call us at (435) 586-9290, drop in and talk with us in person, or email us at frontierhomestead@utah.gov.   We welcome the opportunity to chat with our Friends.

Read the full newsletter here: Newsletter Vol. 2.1, 2012